After finishing the movie “Jonestown: Life and Death of the People’s Temple,”
According to an article, 1000-1200 words in length
Historical and cultural influences of the 1970s.
What happened in the history of the 1970s and caused too much social unrest in the United States?
Why were so many people eager to find new religious answers to their questions in the 1970s?
How did Jim Jones answer them? How Jones convinced hundreds
The end of voluntary suicide? Although this is an extreme example, what about the People’s Palace?
Part of religious cultural trends of the 1970s compared to other religions
Time for action?
Paper requirements:
• Write in third person voice. Do not use first-person speech.
• Use Arial or Helvetica font, 12 points
• Margins on all four sides of the paper should be 1 ”
• The name block is one line. The rest of this article is double-spaced.
• Do not add extra space after a carriage return or any other paper stretching method.
Remember that word count (1000-1200 words) is required, so try expanding
It doesn’t make sense to turn three pages into five pages. When you submit paper electronically
Give word count. Short papers will receive considerable deductions.
• Grammar, punctuation, spelling and proper essay format counting.
• This work does not require external resources.
• Double check if the source is cited. Speaking of stealing, I’m ruthless
Therefore, make sure that your source is quoted correctly. Include only bibliography
The ending is not enough. You must be MLA or
Chicago-Truby style, same bibliography.

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