Writing Prompt #1 Due Friday, October 9th at beginning of class

Writing Prompt #1Due Friday, October 9th at beginning of classIn a well-crafted, 2 page, double-spaced essay (i.e., one with anintroduction and conclusion), please address the following question(s).References to specific passages of original source material may be used tostrengthen your argument; however, please be sure to cite themappropriately. Any citation style you choose is fine.Your essay will be graded for grammar, style, and clarity; therefore, apoorly written essay will receive lower points than one with the sameargument that is well-written. Please remember that I am happy to assist youwith your writing skills by giving you feedback before the essay is due.What is usury? What justifications were used to explain theban on usury in ancient Israel, the Islamic world, andmedieval Europe?Note: Please consider common threads or influences among thesocieties listed above. Your essay should include a discussion of allsocieties listed.

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