writing assignment

Students are to locate 3 lnternet articles that cover the topics of: 
– Global/l nternational Marketing 
– lnternational Business 
– Globalization in General 
– Currency or Monetary Globalization 

Students are to choose the three articles from their research. List the three articles along with the author and the source. The next step is to narrow vour choice to ONE article. Start your paper by telling me the three articles you chose (title, author, and source). Then tell me why you chose the one you decided to write about. YOU ARE ONLY WRITING ABOUT 1 ARTICLE. 

After you’ve narrowed your choice to one article, students are to write a 3-4 page, double-spaced paper that addresses the following: 

1. First, list the three (3) articles you found during your research – their titles and the author along with the source for each. Then, choose one (1) article to write about AND TELL ME WHY YOU CHOSE THIS PARTICULAR ARTICLE. 

2. Main theme of the article – the author’s major point. 

3. The international significance of the article – why is it important? 

4. The major international “implications” of the article (What happened next). 

5. How does the article tie to Global Marketing Strategies

*** First paragraph, you have to find three articles and list the author, theme, and source of each. Then, you have to choose ONE ARTICLE from the three to write about. In the first paragraph you have to include WHY YOU CHOSE THIS ARTICLE IN PARTICULAR (couple of sentences about why). 

I have some ideas for the topic, for example, the drop in Turkish Lira, the fire in the Amazon, trade war, etc.. 

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