Writing Assignment

In a brief introductory paragraph, provide some additional basic information about the company, such as its supply chain, global reach, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility initiatives. 3. In the body of the paper, answer the following questions based on the Dieselgate case study
○ Whose responsibility it is to uphold corporate standards? Whose responsibility is it to investigate when these standards have been broken (especially if there is a third party involved)? 
○ How does/did your company show corporate social responsibility? If it does/did not, why not? How does this company compare to Volkswagon? 
○ Is/was corporate social responsibility represented in the company’s code of conduct? What does/did it say? Is/was this part of the code of conduct upheld? Why or why not? 
○ Is it possible to create a business and/or supply chain in which social and environmental metrics are considered alongside financial metrics? What might this look like? How might the company need to be restructured for corporate social responsibility to be seen just as important as financials to the employees? 
○ How does/did environmental stewardship play a role in your organization? How does environmental stewardship fit into the corporate structure?
 ○ How does training affect an organization? What type of training does/did your organization provide? In what ways what it beneficial to you personally and to the company as a whole? 4. 

The paper should be a maximum of 3 pages, 12 point font, double spaced. Use APA intext citations and reference list. I have attached the first Demonstration of Mastery I wrote, so you can pick up from there.

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