Writer’s choiceInferential Statistics and Analysis Deliverable 2- Tutoring on the Normal Distributio

Inferential Statistics and AnalysisDeliverable 2- Tutoring on the Normal DistributionCompetencyDemonstrate the use of the normal distribution, the standard normal distribution, and the central limit theorem for calculating areas under the normal curve and exploring these concepts in real life applications.ScenarioFrank has only had a brief introduction to statistics when he was in high school 12 years ago, and that did not cover inferential statistics. He is not confident in his ability to answer some of the problems posed in the course.As Frank’s tutor, you need to provide Frank with guidance and instruction on a spreadsheet he has partially filled out. Your job is to help him understand and comprehend the material. You should not simply be providing him with an answer as this will not help when it comes time to take the test. Instead, you will be providing a step-by-step breakdown of the problems including an explanation on why you did each step and using proper terminology.3 attempts only- Mastery1- All problems are solved correctly.2- Complete and detailed steps are provided to explain how to solve the problem.3- Explanations demonstrate a mastery of understanding of the statistical concepts and terminology.4- All variables, equations, and expressions are properly formatted.What to SubmitTo complete this assignment, you must first download the spreadsheet , and then complete it by including the following items:1. Incorrect Answers• • Correct any wrong answers. You must also explain the error performed in the problem in your own words.2. Partially Finished Work1. • Complete any partially completed work. Make sure to provide step-by-step instructions including explanations.3. Blank Problems• • Show how to complete any blank questions by providing step-by-step instructions including explanations.Your step-by-step breakdown of the problems, including explanations and calculations performed should be present within the Excel workbook provided.

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