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Choose one or more leadership topic(s) from your textbook or from a scholarly source from a previous discussion or assignment from this course and write about its application to nursing practice. Provide definitions, history/background, and major concepts of chosen topic. Describe the topic’s function in nursing practice by examining at least three different nursing roles (for example, bedside nurse, public health nurse, CNO, unit manager, etc.). Discuss how the leadership topic can be used in your own practice. Discuss your personal growth in regard to your chosen leadership topic. Evaluate personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your career advancement. Then, discuss the top three traits you feel makes a good nurse leader. Support your statements with examples from your practice experience and scholarly sources.Essay could be based on a scholarly source, as a float nurse I think adaption, flexibility, and teamwork are 3 good traits to have as a good nurse leader. You could include any strength & weaknesses. Please include an introduction and also a conclusion, Turnitin score should be below 20%.

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