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This is a discussion board assignment submitted in safe assign to check for originality. This assignment must be 350 words and use 2 sources. I will provide the textbook to be used and the bible can be used as the second source. The instructions for the assignment are….Developing Psychological TestsThe beginnings of any published test can likely be traced to “self-talk” (thoughts) on the part of the test developer. He or she may think “There ought to be a test designed to measure (fill in the blank) in (such and such) way.”Consider a psychological test that you think should be developed. In your original post, specify the content area of the test and consider the process of test conceptualization. Write and share a brief ‘blueprint’ of your proposed test, including, for example, the development process, test construction, test tryout, analysis of findings, and test revision. What would be the practical application for your test? In what field(s) would the test be administered, and how might it be useful?The textbook to be used is…..Cohen, R. J., & Swerdlik, M. (2017). Psychological Testing and Assessment. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. We are in chapter 8 this week.

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