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Stress and Nursing PracticePlease include an introduction and conclusion, also the Turnitin score should be below 20%. Two are more references, please. To give an idea of the case that would define me would be my first actual cardiac arrest code on a patient, I froze for the first couple of seconds not knowing where to start, I felt like OMG this is really happening right now I have this patient’s life in my hand and anything non-effective could cause the life of the patient. After an initial push from my team-mate, things started to come naturally and I was able to push through the code. Even though the person survived the code but the patient’s prognosis was very poor and did not live a couple of days after. I still kick myself and think, maybe f I have done more or didn’t freeze in the initial stages that the patient could still be here today. Also, we do offer debriefings, either through the nurse manager or DON, etc. Describe the case that defined you as a nurse. What happened, how were you involved? How does this case still affect you and your practice? What steps have you taken to overcome the stress of this event? (Remember to protect patient privacy).Explain the importance of debriefings. Are they used in your workplace? If a debriefing would happen who would be involved, what would be discussed, who would lead the debriefing, where would it take place? Are debriefings possible at your workplace and would they help nurses deal with stress?

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