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Refer to at least three learning resources in your response to this topic. You may draw your references from the learning resources assigned for any week of this course:Of all the issues we learned about in class concerning women’s issues, which did you find the most important? Why did you choose this issue? What do you see as the future of this issue in terms of gender equality and feminism?What have you learned that you will take with you outside this classroom? Is there anything you will share with others?Use APA parenthetical citations in your text and include a reference list at the end of your post. When you refer to and/or discuss any resources, you need to include a citation for that source, such as: (Braincraft, 2015). For more information on APA style, go to: https://sites.umgc.edu/libraryReplies to others should build on an idea mentioned in the original post with an additional example and/or cite the learning resources in addition to any part where you agree with or praise the original post (which is always appreciated!).Original question response posts should be a minimum of 250-300 words, and replies to others should each be a minimum of 75-100 words.Umuc online Women’s studies and society

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