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Business Article AnalysisAfter you find an interesting business article, write a 1-2 page typed summary and analysis of it.When writing your summary/ analysis, you should consider the following:Author and Source:1. What is the source?2. What is the date of publication?3. Who is the author?4. What do you know about the author?5. Is s/he a credible source? Content and Evaluation:1. What is the article about?2. Does it make sense?3. Is it thoroughly developed and well supported?4. Are the sources the writer uses credible?5. Have you learned something valuable and interesting from the article?–If so, what?6.​If the author presents his/ her position on the subject matter, do you agree with it? Why?7. ​Why did you choose to present this particular article? Quality of Writing:1. Does the writer present the information clearly?(i.e., Are sentences clearly articulated? Are paragraphs coherent? Are good transitions employed? Is the material divided into appropriate paragraphs? Is there a clear introduction and conclusion? Does the writer employ correct grammar, sentence structure, mechanics, spelling, and punctuation?)2. Does the writer use tools such as headings, bullet points, shaded boxes, numbered points, etc. effectively? Overall Effectiveness:1. Comment on how effective you think the article is and why.

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