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PART A1. Apply the EFQM Business Excellence model, using relevant theory andconcepts learnt on the module, to one organisation of your choice.Draw on your analysis to identify and capture strengths and areas forimprovement to the chosen organisation (40%):Criterion 4 – Partnerships & Resources:i. How well do they build sustainable relationships withtheir partners & suppliers?ii. Do they manage their buildings, equipment and resources ina sustainable way?Criterion 5 – Processes, Products and Services:i. Have they defined the key processes required to delivertheir strategy?ii. Do they develop new, innovative products and services?2. Based on your analysis, offer and justify one operations/supply chainmanagement strategy that the chosen organisation could pursue to drivebusiness excellence (40%) PART BWithin an evidence based scenario of a potential change in any of theMACRO environment forces of your chosen organisation:A) Critically evaluate the company’s strategies for sustainable competitiveadvantage, segmentation (including targeting and positioning) andbrandingB) Identify and critically assess two opportunities for growth within theorganisation’s MACRO environmentsC) Make clear links to the marketing theory that underpins your workD) Write a logical, well-presented and accurately referenced piece of workEach Paper should have its own reference list

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