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This week, you will have the opportunity to meet with your professor via Zoom or Skype. If you do not currently have a free Skype video conferencing account, go to the Skype webpage and set up a free account to use for this assignment and throughout the program. If you already have a personal Skype, please feel free to use it.Prepare a response to each of the items below, and then schedule a session with your professor during the first week of this class. Typically, this meeting will last approximately 20 minutes. During this session, you will discuss concepts regarding the change process and theory in MFT.To help lay the foundation for your study of Classic Models of MFT, prepare to discuss the following:The change process: Consider a scenario (problem, conflict, life change, etc.) about yourself or someone you know where you or the other person was able to move beyond the challenge. Be sure this is a concern you would be willing to share with your professor. Consider the role of change in the process, and then reflect on the following:How did you or this person know that change needed to happen?How did change happen?Was this change permanent? (Why or why not?)Think about the word “change” and discuss with your professor how you see people changing in general?How does your own understanding of the change process align with looking at problems from a systemic lens?What is the difference between modernist theories of MFT and postmodernist theories of MFT? Discuss the role of theory in the change process. How might theory influence your own directions as a therapist?Briefly summarize the treatment planning process and the role of theory in this process.

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