Write the formula, draw a complete Lewis structure

PS2.4. Write the formula, draw a complete Lewis structure, and list all of theintermolecular attractive forces, or type of bond, for each of the following substances.Indicate the most important attractive force that must be overcome when each of thesubstances is melted.a) methanol(s)b) carbon tetrachloride(s)c) hydrogen cyanide(s)d) potassium iodide(s)e) butane(s)PS2.5. For each of the following pairs of substances predict which will have thehighest boiling point and indicate why. A complete answer must include a discussionof both substances.a) CO2(l) and CS2(l)b) CH3NH2(l) and H2NNH2(l)c) HCl(l) and MgCl2(l)d) C7H16(l) and C2H6(l)PS2.6. The compound NH2CH2CH2CH2NH2(l) exhibits intermolecular hydrogenbonding and intramolecular hydrogen bonding. Use Lewis structure drawings todepict each type of hydrogen-bonding.

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