Write the balanced chemical equation that corresponds

1. Write the balanced chemical equation that corresponds to the titration of Ca2+ with EDTA.__________________________________________ 2. Calculate the weight of Na2H2EDTA-2H2O needed to make up 250 mL of a 0.100M EDTA solution. (Formula weight of Na2H2EDTA-2H2O = 372.2 g/mole)3. A student weighs out exactly 0.250 g CaCO3 (formula weight = 100.09 g/mole) and then dissolves this in exactly 250 mL of water. Calculate the Ca concentration of this solution in:a) mg/mLb) M4. If you are titrating 25.00 mL of a 1.00 mg/mL CaCO3 solution, how many mL of 0.010M EDTA solution will be required to reach the equivalence point?5. The Calmagite indicator used here can have two different colors, red or blue. From a chemical view, what is different about the red and blue forms of this indicator? Briefly explain why this indicator changes from red to blue at the equivalence point when titrating a Ca2+ or Mg2+ solution with EDTA.1. Write the balanced chemical equation that corresponds to the titration of Fe2+ with MnO4-.__________________________________________2. Suppose that 0.2553 moles of KMnO4 were required to exactly titrate the Fe2+ in a sample. How many moles of Fe2+ were in the sample?3. Suppose that 35.55 mL of permanganate solution is required to titrate 1.2055 grams of iron(II) ammonium sulfate hexahydrate. Calculate the concentration of the permanganate solution.4. Suppose that 22.65 mL of a 0.02024 M permanganate solution was needed to react with the Fe2+ in a sample that had a mass of 1.1243 g. What is the mass of the Fe2+ in the sample and what is the % of Fe2+ in the sample?5. Balance the following oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions. SHOW YOUR WORK.(a) C + H2SO4 CO2 + SO2(b) Ag + H2SO4 Ag2SO4 + SO2(c) ClO3- + Cl- Cl2 + ClO2-(d) Cr2O72- + C2O42- Cr3+ + CO2

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