write a review of 250 minimum words

Literary Criticism is an evaluation of literary works and releases. It includes arguments the works of the author by either defending them, supporting them or criticizing them. Literary Criticism is different from literary theory as the theory might be generalized or abstract analysis of the writers’ work whereas literary Criticism deals directly with the work and hence the evaluations are more direct. Literary Critics may take a part of the writer’s work or the whole work for the analysis and review them. Criticism is not always necessarily digging upon the writer’s work and finding the flaws within. It can also be informative and encouraging. For example, people are interested in reviews to help them decide whether they want to indulge themselves in say, a book or a movie. Literary Criticism can be divided into several types like sociological Criticism, reader-response Criticism, geographical Criticism, gender Criticism, mythological criticism, biographical criticism, formalist criticism and so on. In the first video, two critics analyze the movie, ‘Halloween’. They focus on a specific part of the movie and break it down in order to evaluate deeper meaning behind the making and the whole idea behind the scene, what the writer was trying to interpret. They lightly touched on the subject that like every other scary movie, this movie too had the basic plot where a woman is the subject of fear where she is basically trapped inside a big house with the danger of an intruder. This kind of criticism is gender Criticism where the idea of one gender being dominated or threatened by another gender is brought into the light. They don’t think that is bad though and go on defend how movies like ‘Halloween’ do not hate women but show “women as independent, intelligent, spunky and interesting people.” They go further to insist, “‘Halloween’ doesn’t hate women” and explain why it is actually a good movie. In the second video, honest trailers of ‘The 300 Spartans’, the review is actually based on the sequel of the movie which the critic thinks are overdone. The critics goes on to shade the movie by explaining how the book is far better and it is just another overdone movie with a major focus on the graphics to make it seem cool. He points out some major “dumb” things in the movie that are stupid and do not make sense like the majority of the guys have a well-built body and how they are just wearing thongs and if the guy is not in the great shape he is either half animal or ogre. The focus of this sequel is on unnecessary things including guys screaming, holding each other and their abs. Although humor was the intended motive behind this review, this type of criticism falls under sociological criticism as it highlights the parts like “child labor” and the effect of the well-built body shapes of every man on that movie sure to shame every other man in real life. In the third video, the review is about a Disney Movie. Even though its Disney, the critic does not spare and continues to throw shade. Although there is major mockery involving Disney musicals, this review, in particular, is a constructive criticism and supports the movie anyway. This is, in fact, a good review on the movie using humor to hint the subtle nonsense that exists in most Disney movies. The review is basically a thumbs up to the movie. Further on, it focuses on the fact that this movie includes “A clever twist that teaches girls everywhere they don’t need a man to save them.” Reviews are the perception of one person or many people towards the literary work of the other. It does not have to be the universal fact, it doesn’t have to be about the whole piece of work, but it could be an assumption backed up by some ideas about a small part of the work. Basically, there are no exact rules to follow the literary criticism protocol. Literary Criticisms are mostly helpful and informative, and they always give writers more room to improve if that is he/she is able to handle criticism

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