world ethnographies

This exam is intended to test your ability to integrate concepts and examples from the readings, ethnographic films, and lectures. If you are using the texts from class, you do not need to include full citations, as long as you make it clear where the information is coming from. Thus, you could write “In the Brazilian Carnival Queen documentary, this happened” or “Holmes argues that….” You MUST include quote marks and page numbers if you are quoting something. You are being tested on your understanding of class materials, and you will get a zero if you try to fill up the paper with information from outside the class materials. Use of some short quotes from class materials is fine, but I expect to see mostly your analysis. I am available if you would like to make an appointment to discuss your answers – email me to schedule something.

Question 1: How do “color-blindness” (as defined by Sheriff in Chapter 6 of Dreaming Equality) and “naturalization” (as defined by Seth Holmes in Chapter 7 of Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies) help white people to justify race-based inequalities? Make sure to provide enough of a definition of each term so that I know you understand them. Then, provide at least 2 concrete examples of each process, for a total of 4 examples.  The examples can come from either book. (300 words minimum for an A, worth 50 points).

Question 2: In Chapters 6 and 7 of Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies (and in other parts of the book), Seth Holmes describes various ways in which Mexican farm workers are blamed for their own suffering. Describe at least three concrete examples that he uses to show this. Then, provide at least one example of how Afro-Brazilians are blamed for their suffering in Dreaming Equality.  DO NOT use the same examples that you used in Question 1. (300 words minimum for an A, worth 50 points)

Answer both questions  in single document (you do not need to copy the questions, but it would be useful if you numbered your answers.) If you want to write more than the upper limit, that is fine, but please do not overdo it. Part of writing a good answer is knowing what is most important to say (and not repeating yourself).

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