working across culture

Make a list of the values and functions of a workplace friendship that are most important to you. To what degree have you been successful in fulfilling these values and functions at your current or previous job? For those that were not met, to what degree has that been the result of your failure, your partner’s failure, or the organization/context?

You are the new manager of a retail sales department with six employees who had a poor relationship with their previous manager and were underperforming. In what ways can you apply the information on the four directions of workplace communication to improve the situation?

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working across culture
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Reflect on your previous workplace experiences. What direction of communication did you find most effective and least effective? What do you need to do in the future to be effective in all four directions?

Consider your experiences dealing with any of the forms of the dark side of workplace communication. How well did you manage the situations? Drawing from everything you have learned in this text, how might you have more effectively managed it?

Assignments must be 600-800 words. 


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