Who are OXO’s most profitable customers

This essay should include 3 to 4 pages, and include a reference page and abstract.OXO target market. Who are OXO’s most profitable customers? Describe them as specifically as you can. Might want to refer to Chapter 7 for the segmentation criteria. How does this compare with the kitchen gadget markets described in the research?2. OXO value proposition. What value proposition does OXO provide to these customers? Is this value proposition different/same as competitive offerings? How so?3.OXO product mix. How has OXO developed their product line to be different from competing kitchen gadget manufacturers? Describe the OXO products in terms of the three levels of product discussed in Chapter 8. Can you make any product strategy recommendations? Describe them in terms of value to the customer.4.OXO distribution strategy. Does OXO follow an intensive, selective, or exclusive distribution strategy? How do you know? Would you recommend other distribution strategies, and if so, describe them with emphasis on how it brings value to the customer.5.OXO pricing strategy. Given OXO’s competitive environment, do you think they are priced right or would you recommend changes to their pricing strategy? What would you recommend and why?6.OXO’s use of social media. What do you think about how OXO is currently using social media to promote its products? Should they use social media differently, and if so, what would you recommend?

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