which of the following statement is true

1.Regarding accidents, which of the following statement is true?a.boys are more likely to die in falls; girls are more likely to die from drowningb.most childhood deaths occur when children are under careful adult supervision.c.Drowning is the second most common cause of childhood deaths.d.Poor children are twice as likely to die in fires than children of relativeaffluence.2.when children are about ___________ months of age, they can usually be taught to enhance their memory through rehearsal strategies.a.36 b. 24 c.18 d.123.at age five, Diana can draw a reasonable representation of a house, complete with smoke coming out of the chimney. You can reasonably assume that Dianaa.has mastered the placement and shape stages of drawing.b.Is at the pictorial stage of drawing.c.Has entered the pictogram stage of drawingd.Understands how houses are built as well as how they should look.4.observing johnny’s parents interacting with him, you detect that they’re extremely strict. Therefore, you can guess that their parenting style is probablya. authoritative b. permissive c. authoritarian d. productive-assertive5. listening to devon talk you recognize the appearance of over regularization when she saysa. daddy goed thereb. look at the doggy in referring to a cowc.mommy wanted tod.mr.sheep sat on it referring to a picture in a storybook6. you may most accurately say that the minor illnesses a child must cope with between ages one and six years of agea. have no significant effect on the child’s immune systemb. increase the likelihood of illnesses later in life.c. may produce protective antibodies.d. protect a child from major illnesses that occur in adulthood.7. moticing that alice;s parents are unresponsive and that they make few, if any, demands for her to display mature behavior, you’re most likely to decide that alice’s parents area. permissive-indulgentb. authoritarianc. authoritatived. rejecting-neglecting.8. as a child develops a ______ of mind, she learns to explain and predict the behavior of others by reference to her own mental processes.a. concept b. model c. representation d.theory9. which of the following statements is most accurate regarding the corpus callosum?a. it’s largely myelinated by the age of eightb. it’s mainly involved in processing visual informationc. it connects the brain stem to the frontal regions of the braind. it doesn’t develop until the preschool years.10. you’re likely to be seeing regression when maria, the firstborn, reacts to the birth of her new sister bya. pleading with mom to let her help with the baby.b. suddenly having “accidents” well after she’s been potty trainedc. making fun of her little sister when she spits her foodd. getting bossy with her little sister.11.two-year-old peter has an imaginary friend named copy. His parents should know that this meansa. he’ll probably have lower-than-average verbal skillsb. he’ll probably have difficulty making friends.c. he’s likely to be creative and more advanced in language.d. he’s lonely12. Enuresis is to ladder control as encopresis is toa. bed-setting b. diuretics. c. soiling d. ant diuretics.13. in the jeeter family, Jason is the oldest, his sister, Barbara, is the middle child, and chloe is the “baby” which statement about the jeeters and their children is most likely to be accurate?a.the jeeter place when myelination fails.b. it involves the steady replacement of dendrites by axons.c. Barbara is more likely to have lower self-esteem than Jason isd. Jason is likely to be more aggressive in seeking out attention than either Barbara or chloe.14. regarding the brain’s plasticity, which of the following statements is most accurate?a. it takes place when myelination failsb. it involves the steady replacement of dendrites by axonsc. in increases as we get older.d. it’s enhanced by dendrite “sprouting”15. which of the following statements best illustrates the ideas of gender-schema theory?a. as a boy you’re anxious to show others that you’re a boy and that you’ll always be a boyb. as a girl, you organize your impressions of the world around your experience of being a girlc. as a boy, the way you organize information about the world has to do with the way your brain development is affected by androgensd. as a girl you challenge gender stability, since you recognize the advantages of being a boy in our society16. for children to understand the idea of class inclusion, they must also understanda. reversibility and centrationb. irreversibility and conservationc. demand characteristics, conservation, and contrationd. reversibility and conservation17. since sally is left- handed , you can assume thata. her condition was culturally inducedb. her mother is left-handed and sally favored her left hand through imitationc. she probably began to develop left-handedness in her late childhoodd. she’s statistically more likely to be good at math than other kids her age18 as a proponent of vygotsky’s ideas about child development, you would refer to the gap between what a child is able to do and what he or she would be able to do with some help from others as aa. virtual scaffold b. zone of responsiveness c. structural zone d. zone of proximal development19. nightmares and dreams are rapid-dyd-movement sleep as night terrors and ______ are to non-rapid-eye-movement sleepa. phobias b. somnambulism c. insomnia d. dreamrecall20. leon is more likely to demonstrate prosocial behavior ifa. one of his parents was permissive-indulgent and the other was authoritarianb. he has had a secure attachment to both parentsc. his parents encouraged him to be obedient in all things and negligent of none.d. his parents recognized his need to rebel without acknowledging it21. if you give a five-year-old child piaget’s three-mountain test, you’re interested in assessing the child’sa. transductive reasoning b. egocentrism. C. animism d. precausal reasoning22.transitinoal object, such as stuffed animals and other favorite toys.a. may help children gain greater independence from their parents and / or caregiversb. may sometimes prompt nightmares associated with fears of parental abandonmentc. may make it more difficult for children to gain independence from their parents and/or caregiversd. very often become symbols for a child aggressive feelings.23.you’re watching 18-month-olds at play. What you’re most likely to observe isa. boys and girls interacting in complex rolesb. children imitating each other without actually interactingc. children largely “ doing their own thing” in their own wayd. children interacting in simple ways, such as exchanging and naming toys.24. because you’re familiar with Kohlberg’s work. You understand that by age four, sally will probably have reached a stage of gendera. constancy, b. identity c. stability d. acceptance25. for children to understand their mental representations, they need to understand thata. objects they can’t see continue to existb. changes in shape need not involve changes in substancec. appearance and reality don’t always matchd. out of sight is out of mind.

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