Which of the following is an example of a free trade area

Hello, I needs some help on these following questions. Thank You.Which of the following is an example of a free trade area?a) World Trade Organizationb) Warsaw Pactc) North Atlantic Treaty Organizationd) European Unione) African Uniond) going off the gold standard frequentlye) leading the world in promoting free trade3.Why would some countries after World War II form what would become the European Union?a) to improve relations with the Soviet Unionb) to fend off intervention by the United States in Europec) to increase tariffs on goods entering Europed) to increase trade and economic cooperation within Europee) to increase trade between European countries and their former colonies4.One Bretton Woods institution is the:a) International Monetary Fundb) European Unionc) North Atlantic Treaty Organizationd) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countriese) United Nations5.A consequence of World War I was:a) deflation in the largest European economiesb) decreasing support for right wing groups in Italyc) rapid decolonization of areas of the British and French empiresd) the consolidation of European empirese) a successful communist revolution in Russia6.After World War I:a) the United States ratified the Versailles treatyb) the Austrian and Ottoman empires survived untill the next warc) the Germany economy rebounded relatively quicklyd) few new countries became independente) the League of Nations was created to avoid another war7.A people who share common language, race, descent, and/or history form aa) nationb) statec) countryd) polity8.Approximately how many independent sovereign states are generally recognized to exist in the world todaya) 60b) 135c) 195d) 2159.Which of the following statements about nuclear weapons is true?Question 9 options:a) The Soviet Union initially had more nuclear weapons than the United States.b) The United States and the Soviet Union had enough nuclear weapons to prevent the other from attacking.c) Nuclear weapons were ultimately unimportant in the Cold War competition between the Soviet Union and the United States.d) There was never a real possibility that the United States or the Soviet Union would use their nuclear weapons.e) The Soviet Union did not have enough nuclear weapons to attack the United States or its allies.10.Developing countries created the non-aligned movement during the Cold War because:a) they wanted to promote international economic developmentb) they wanted to create closer ties with the United Statesc) they wanted to create closer ties with the Soviet Uniond) they wanted to build upon their previous successes in embargoing industrial goodse) they opposed communist expansion in the Third World

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