“When Failure Is A 4-Letter Word”

As explained in the Week 1 PowerPoint video lecture, C. Wright Mills said that the sociological imagination comes from our ability to see the connection between “personal troubles” and “social issues.” After you have listened to the Rough Translation podcast “When Failure Is A 4-Letter Word” directly note the “personal troubles” of Pepe Villatoro’s father and the entrepreneurs in Lagos, Nigeria (they are roughly the same), and then explain the corresponding “social issue(s)” they face; note what “institution(s)” is involved.How does the “hegemony” of the American “ideology” that to succeed in business only requires hard work and following your passion affect Pepe Villatoro and other entrepreneurs in developing societies? In other words, what is the impact? And, how do the F***Up Night events challenge that “hegemony?”Use all the terms in quotations and bold them.

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“When Failure Is A 4-Letter Word”
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