what volume of 0.250mol/L solution could you make

what volume of 0.250mol/L solution could you make with 55.9g of potassium chloride,KCl(s)Mercury compounds are poisonous, but mercury ions can be removed from a solution by precipitating insoluble mercury(ii) sulfide,HgS(s). Determine the minimum volume of 0.0783mol/L sodium sulfide, Na2S(aq), that is needed to precipitate all the mercury ions in 75.5mL of 0.100mol/L, Hg(NO3)2(aq)a 15.8g strip of zinc metal was placed in 100.0mL of silver nitrate, AgNO3(aq). when the reaction was complete, the strip of zinc had a mass of 13.1g. what was the concentration of the silver nitrate solutiondocument only even number 2,4,6,8,10,12calculate the molar concentration of iodide ions in each aqueous solutiona) 15g of potassium iodide dissolved in 200mL of solutionb) 12g of calcium iodide dissolved in 180mL of solution

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