what services the government provides and how much it costs

(750 words; NOT including the APA citiations)
It is often quipped that we all want police
officers on every corner, but no one wants to pay for it. It is quite a
challenge to make everyone happy in terms of what services the government
provides and how much it costs. What have you seen/heard in the news about
budgeting? How does this relate to how
you budget? What would happen if you ran a deficit on your household budget?
Give the federal budget a shot and see how well you do.

Using the Budget Explorer’s creative tool,
share how you think the federal budget should be allocated. Defend your
choices, promote your ideas, and evaluate each others’ proposals. If you are an
elected official, will you still have a job if your budget proposal becomes a
reality? Remember to be respectful of
each others’ perspectives and priorities. (Relate the lecture note reading in
the answer)

Access the website here:
http://www.kowaldesign.com/budget/This tool will let you set up your own
budget and show you how yours compares to the federal budget. Analyze these
results, explain your choices, and be sure to relate it to your text. Remember
to cite your sources.

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