What measure are necessary to prevent crystals

1.Mo(CO)6 is a volatile and air-stable solid. it will sublime under the reaction conditions for this experiment. What measure are necessary to prevent crystals of Mo(CO)6 from forming on the walls of the reaction flask or in the condenser?2. Balance the following reaction:Mo(CO)6 + HO(O)CCH3 + O-NMe3 –> Mo2(O2CCH3)4+CO2+H2+NMe33. the reaction is done under nitrogen. why? suggest possible reactions the may occur in the presence of air4. sketch contour of the pi-bonding molecular orbitals of acetylene5. obtain the MSDS for orth-dichlorobenzene. What are the first aid mesures fof exposure**This is “Synthesis and characterization of Mo2CO2(CH3)4 and K4HO2Cl2

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