What Makes a Top 100 Hospital

What Makes a Top 100 Hospital 5/21/2012 DeVry University HSM 310 I feel that Johns Hopkins Hospital made the top 100 hospitals because they are more than just a hospital. It is also a medical research facility and a teaching facility (Johns Hopkins Medicine). This facility offers a wide variety of services to their patients which include community hospitals and outpatient sites. Also, they have services for out of state and international patients. Johns Hopkins is world renown for not only their teaching facilities but also for their research in cancer and AIDS.
They have a center or department for every healthcare need you could think of in their facility. I also feel that their structure and organization of their facility is very well set up. They have information on what that center has to offer, treatment information and the history of that center. The services that they offer to international patients are that they have a team that is fluent in 20 plus languages and they tailor the patients’ cultural, religious and special needs if needed.
They have affiliations with not only North America but Europe, Asia, Latin American and the Middle East (Johns Hopkins Medicine). The services that they offer for out of state patients is that they help you find the right specialist for your needs, then set up an appointment, they also help you find the best travel and lodging options for your needs. Most hospitals do no worry about how you are getting there; this facility seems to genuinely care about their patients.

I feel that what they can offer to their international patients and out of state patients is something that places them higher than most because of the wide variety of affiliations that they have and the care that they put into your visit at their facility. I also feel that what Mr. Hopkins envisioned helped this facility become not only one of the top 20 of the top 100 hospitals but the number one hospital of the top 20. To me his vision was to set up a hospital to help the poor without regard to anything else but their health.
Also, it was designed for the people who had coverage to receive the care they needed and wanted. He wanted a staff that was compassionate and caring, who was highly trained. The services that they offer for the suburban hospital is great for the people who cannot afford medical care. It is a not for profit hospital. References Johns Hopkins Medicine. (n. d. ). Retrieved from Out of State and International Patients: http://www. hopkinsmedicine. org/patient_care/out_state. html Johns Hopkins Medicine. (n. d. ). Retrieved from The Johns Hopkins Hospital: http://www. hopkinsmedicine. org/the_johns_hopkins_hospital/jhhhs. html

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What Makes a Top 100 Hospital
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