what is special about the human manifestation of the toa vis & vis

1.what is special about the human manifestation of the toa vis & vis the universal manifesting of the Dao throughout ala of nature.2. What are some of the ways yin/yang are manifested in the Tao Te Ching in the book the worlds religions by huston smith3. The metaphors of water, rivers and flow up again and again in taoism. explain some of the ways these metaphors are used.4. what view of political life is taken in the TdC and by Chung-Tzu? How does it differ from that of Confucius, and in what way is it similar. Do you think the different views can be reconciled?5. How is church Daoism organized.6.smith compares the approaches of confusianism and Taoism in China to the Yin/Yang relationship. Please explain this comparison.7. Taoism and Buddhism have much in common, sharing many tequniques (yoga, meditation) and values(non-attachment). But what is a fundimental difference between them?8. What charasteristics are shared by the Confucian and Toaist traditions? Where did they part company?9. How, is vitalist Taoist practice, is long life or immortallity attained?10. Both Lao-Tzu and Chung-tzu have pretty negative attitudes to learning and discourse. Why do? How do you think Confucius would respond?

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