what has replaced the traditional family

Please respond each of the following questionsAPA Style- Two pages- Cite all source1. What is a “Family”?In today’s society, there are many variations in the composition of a family. Many theorists may argue that there is no true definition of family.What do you think? Has the traditional meaning of family been eliminated? If so, what has replaced the traditional family? Please support your position with reference to academic evidence.2. Breach of Promise to MarryFirst, review the following commentary on Engagement Rings as Conditional Gifts (http://family.findlaw.com/marriage/what-happens-to-the-engagement-ring-in-a-broken-engagement.html). Who gets the ring and why?Now, to get into the practice of finding your state law with regard to family issues, perform some research on your jurisdiction’s theory on this issue and answer the following question: Does it matter who gets the ring if fault is involved?3. Talk about how the education, training and licensing of physicians has evolved over the last 200 years has evolved.4. Discuss the role of the midwife and the advantages of having a licensed physician over a midwife during the delivery of a child.

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