What happened to capital accumulation

WHO CAN SOLVE THESE?Problem 1Assume we have a Cobb-Douglas production function of Y = K0.5L0.5. Assume s =0.30,  = 0.20, and initial k = 7. Derive the steady-state level of capital (k*) and y* (calculate out to the first 3 decimal points).What happened to capital accumulation? Did the capital stock increase or decrease?Did the economy (y) increase or decrease? Why do you think that happened?Assume now that s=0.40. What is the new steady-state level of capital per worker?Problem 2Based on Problem 1, part A, calculate the steady-state level of capital that maximizes consumption (Golden Rule)? Remember in Section 3 we have a formula for MPK. Show your calculations.What happened to the savings rate?What is the Capital per worker, output per worker, and consumption per worker when the Golden Rule level is reached?

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