Week – Class, with online information

1- Week – Class, with online information, it seems like many sources don’t have the samereputation that many traditional print sources have. Do you believe this to be true? Do youthink traditional print sources (newspapers or magazines) are considered to be morereputable and trustworthy? Why or why not? WC2- ConvergenceConsidering the speed in which news is written today, what changes have you noticed in regardsto written text? Has written communication changed for the better or for the worse?3- Communites weekliesWhere do you go to find information about your local community? Do you receive a communitynewspaper? How does it differ in its content from mainstreams sources of news?DQ24- Do you think they choose to do this at the expense of real news, valuable stories that area public service to the audience? Do you think newscasts have a responsibility to educateand inform their respective audiences? Are they meeting this responsibility? WC

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