Week 5

The course project flows from Week 1 to Week 5. For the course project, you need to choose a project topic and submit it for your instructor’s approval.  The instructor may assign a project scenario if the proposed project  topic is not deemed adequate to meet the learning objectives of the  course.
After the approval, you will submit specific project deliverables each week.

In Week 5, you need to submit a final written plan  and a presentation of the project. You are encouraged to use Microsoft  Project (or other project management software tools), but its use is not  required for this introductory project.
The project deliverables for each week are as follows:
  Week Deliverables   Week 1  

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Week 5
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The proposed project topic paper

Week 2  

The statement of need
The statement of the goals and objectives of the project
Stakeholder and project requirements
The project scope statement

Week 3  

The project communications plan
Project risk assessment
The organization and human resources plan

Week 4  

The project schedule and budget

Week 5  

The project control plan
The project closeout plan
The final presentation and paper

(Instructions Below)
For this week, identify an industry for the project and a 2-3 page  synopsis of your chosen project. In your synopsis, provide a rationale  for how the project will meet the course objectives and describe the  anticipated scope and project outcomes.

You should carefully consider the scope of the project so that you  can complete the necessary work in the compressed time frame of this  course.
Submission Details:

Submit your proposed project in 2 to 3 page Microsoft Word document, using APA style. 100% original no plagariasm. 


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