week 4 discussion

week 4 discussion Maximisers and SatisficersAt
the beginning of the course, you learned that judgments are
evaluations, and decisions are intentions to pursue a course of action.
What, then, is a choice? Choices are all of the options, the “stuff”
about which you make decisions. You evaluate or judge each choice. When
you are ready to pursue a course of action regarding one of your
options, you reach a turning point and make a decision.Your
life is filled with choices. For example, there are the assorted food
items on the menus you peruse, the variety of sweaters on the racks in
the stores where you shop, and the plethora of Web sites on the
Internet. Having many options or choices seems like a good thing.
However, research shows that the more choices you have, the less
satisfaction you experience.People respond to choices
differently. Most people are either maximisers or satisficers.
Maximisers prefer having many choices in order to select the best
product or service. Satisficers are content with fewer choices, and they
are willing to settle on a satisfactory choice rather than insist on
the best choice.To prepare for this Discussion: Review
the video, Barry Schwartz on the Paradox of Choice, paying particular
attention to Schwartz’ discussion regarding decision making, choices,
satisfaction, and regret. Review the article “Maximizers versus Satisficers”. Focus on the decision-making styles as a maximizer and satisficer. Think of a choice you have made recently or in the past. Think about the number of options you had when you made your choice. Consider whether you thought you had a sufficient number of options. Based on this choice, consider whether you are a maximiser or a satisficer. Reflect on your level of satisfaction with the choice. Think about whether your understanding of maximisers and satisficers will affect the way you make future choices.With these thoughts in mind:Post
by Day 4 a description of the choice you made and the options you had
to select from. Then explain if you thought the number of options you
had was sufficent and why. Explain whether you responded to your choice
as a maxmizer or a satisficer, why you reponded that way, and your
level of satisfaction with your choice. Finally, explain your
understanding of maximizers and satisficers will affect the way you
make future choices. Be specific.Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.Respond by Day 6 to at least one of your colleagues’ postings. Respond in one or more of the following ways: • Ask a probing question. • Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting. • Offer and support an opinion. • Validate an idea with your own experience. • Make a suggestion. • Expand on your colleague’s posting.Return
to this Discussion in a few days to read the responses to your initial
posting. Note what you have learned and/or any insights you have
gained as a result of the comments your colleagues made.

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