Week 3 Discussion 1 Introduction to UDL

This discussion is an opportunity for you to apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the design of instruction and assessment. In essence, UDL provides a blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for all learners. To prepare for this discussion, in addition to reviewing the Required Resources for Week Three, view the CAST (2010) video UDL at a Glance (Links to an external site.)and the Week Three Instructor Guidance where additional assistance for excelling in this discussion and intellectual elaboration about UDL is provided.
Initial Post: Create an initial response that addresses the following areas.

Provide      a succinct summary, in your own words, of the key concepts that make up      UDL.
Discuss      how UDL and the incorporation of technology can be used to individualize      learning for students with varied backgrounds, learning styles, and      abilities and thereby create increased opportunities for learning.
Discuss      the impact that using UDL may have on your current or anticipated teaching      or professional role.
Share an idea; including what you learned to inform your      initial response to this discussion, how might you include what you’ve      learned about UDL in your plan for the Week Six Final Project: Community      Event?

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Week 3 Discussion 1 Introduction to UDL
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