Week 05 Media Analysis Project – Final Paper

Now it is time to submit a final version of your paper. For complete  details on the Media Analysis Project please see the Media Analysis Project  – Introduction page in Week 03. Double-check it one last time for proper mechanics (clear, concise, and  complete sentences and paragraphs), proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Make sure that in addition to the 6-8 pages of text that you include a properly  formatted references page with all sources cited in APA format. 

Your thesis should address how your paper will be an analysis of Facebook from the six perspectives. You make several good points in your outline (although it is really a summary of each perspective). Your personal perspective should not address other people it should address what you thought about it the first time you looked at it without any future knowledge that you now have . And although it is an app and not a tv series, film, or still image, there are still characters and storylines. Think about how posts (which are all stories) appear. Consider:-characters (referring to any person, place, thing that appears in your chosen piece of media “ for TV, film, cartoon, painting how does it present the “heroes”, the “villains”, etc.) Are the lines between good and bad blurred?-storylines (violent, happy, sad, tragic, angry, “ripped from the headlines”, etc.)-dialogue – how do they talk? Does it support stereotypes and assumptions (ex. upper class arrogance, working class, teenagers, elderly, people from other countries, etc.)-visuals (saturated in color, soft lighting, gritty, washed out, etc.)Now, consider how quickly you have to make assumptions about the characters and storylines in order to understand what is happening. In the case of a photo or painting, think about how you make these assumptions based on 1 image. If you think about this for a while, you will realize how much you don’t have to have told to you directly, because you know a lot of basics. What you bring with you before you even begin waching comes from the 6 Perspectives:

1.Personal – Why do you like this character, hate that character, based on what you know from your own life experience?

2.Historical – How is this piece of media in relation to the history of this media? How is it different? How does it take what you know about previous media within this genre and move it forward in its style, violence, language, etc.

3.Technical – How is it created? This is a bit harder, since you I don’t expect you to know all the specific of production. However, you can learn about if it is made to look like film or video (both are shot digitally now but the looks of the 2 are very different), painting, sculpting, etc.

 4.Ethical – You make decisions about how people should behave and you make a conclusion about if they are acting appropriately. 

5.Cultural – You see a lot of symbols – (police badges, judges robes, gang symbols, tattoos, doctor’s coats, nurses uniforms, armed forces uniforms and/or medals, etc.)

6.Critical – Taking what you originally knew based on your Personal Perspective, how do these other perspectives (2-5) contribute to create your new perspective about how this series compares to other shows? It has been created for a reason. Why? (Note: the answer is not simply financial) Is this piece of media relevant? Why do these stories need to be told? I hope this helps!


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