Weather reports typically report the daily high and low temperatures

Q1) Weather reports typically report the daily high and low temperatures, the average temperature for the day, and the record low and high temperatures for a given day. Given that today’s high is 70, the average high for this date is 60, the record low for this date is 30, and the record high for this date is 85, what additional information (i.e., descriptive statistic(s)) would you like to have in order to determine if the 70-degree temperature is a significant departure from the average temperature for that date of the year in that particular location? For this exercise, other variables such as humidity, other locations, other days of the year, etc. will not be considered.Q2)How does a researcher determine the meaning of a score on a norm-referenced test such as an IQ test? Why is the use of standardized scores such as z-scores of value to researchers seeking to interpret test results? How might a researcher use a norm-referenced test to classify individuals as low, medium, or high on a particular characteristic that a test is intended to measure? Explain your reasoning.

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