Watch these videos and discuss both videos according to the questions that asked?

For this week, please be sure you looked at the dance video and the speech by the commander. Please write two possible definition subjects, one for each, that may work for your paper assignment (see the assignment below the videos in Week 2 of Course Content).

Think of the following:

For dance,

What genre of dance is Olivia Taylor doing?
What do you know about dance?
Describe the routine
Describe the outfit
Describe her gestures, facial expressions
How often does she move across the floor
Count how many different elements she does
If you don’t know about dance, look at some dance resources online
How does modern dance differ from classical ballet?
For the commander video,

How many points does he cover in his training?
What is his overriding message?
How many numbers of people does he say each of us can help?
What do you know about the Navy Seals besides what we get in movies?
How would you define a Navy Seal?
What did you learn from the video

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