watch 4 videos and answer questions for each…. due tomorrow

this is due tomorrow and there is no extra time for this. 
Watch the 4 following videos and answer questions for each one. No short 2 sentence answers. Must be thorough. 
Video # 1: 
question:  In the video, Sheryl Sandberg discusses three key things a woman must do to be successful. Discuss these three things. How are you going to accomplish this in your workplace? 

Video #2: 

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watch 4 videos and answer questions for each…. due tomorrow
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In the video, Sheryl Sandberg lists 10 rules for success.
What are your top 5 rules for success from the video, and discuss why you rank them in that order

Video #3: 
Questions:  This video shows powerful women expressing what they feel are their key traits for success.  View the video, and select the top 5 traits that you believe you have mastered and 3 traits you would like to develop further to help you continue to grow .  Give an example of each. 

Video #4: 
1.  What are the long-term effects of women leaving the workforce as outlined in the video?
2.  How has the pandemic changed how you view work/life balance and what changes if any have you made?


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