Unit 7 EC

Visit  two e-commerce websites of your choice, and apply the social marketing   process  model. Critically compare and     contrast the effectiveness of these sites in  terms of the dimensions of the     social marketing process. Address the questions  below in your paper. 

   How   well do these sites acquire fans, generate engagement, amplify                responses,   create a community, and strengthen their brands?
What   recommendations can you make for these sites to improve their                effectiveness at   a global and local level? 

Your  paper must be at least three pages in length; the title and reference     pages do  not count toward meeting the minimum length requirement. Make  sure     your essay follows APA format. You must use a minimum of two external  sources,    which can include the two websites that you choose to review. All  sources     used,  including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted      material  must have accompanying citations.

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