Unit 4 Assignment HRM635 Training, Development, and Evaluation

 Review Case Incident – Playing Video Games to Learn (Chapter 7). Conduct scholarly research to answer the assigned questions. Formulate a 2-3-page response in an APA (7th ed.) formatted report. 
Case IncIdent PlayIng VIdeo Games to Learn
Davis Controls Ltd., based in Oakville, Ontario, is an instrument and control company that was founded in 1933. Several years ago, the company introduced a training program to its sales force that involves playing a video game. The game consists of real-world, simulated sales call scenarios. The goal of the game is to secure a meeting with an avatar who represents a virtual client. Davis Controls introduced the game to its sales staff with a one-day class, but the
training takes place online on their own time. Sales reps are expected to complete three missions every two weeks. They can take time out during their day or play online from home after hours.
The game is structured around six basic principles: business skills, influencing,
negotiation, change technology, assertiveness, and presentation. Sales reps also learn about different customer styles, such as the “finisher” or “adapter.” The scenarios change with every mission but the core strategies are the same. Players are presented with a series of choices as they move along, with each one eliciting a different reaction from the avatar. The player’s performance depends on how well he/she learned strategies earlier in the game. The scenarios become increasingly difficult and more complex at each level. Trainees receive feedback at the end of every round. With 120 story-based missions, each taking from 20 to 30 minutes to play, it could take up to one year to finish all of the levels.
1. Describe the design factors that are used in the video game training program. How do these design factors contribute to trainee learning?
2. What are the advantages of the video game training program for employees and the organization? What are the disadvantages?
3. How effective do you think the video game training program will be for trainees? Be specific about what you think the game might or might not be effective for in terms of various outcomes (e.g., learning, sales performance).
Source: Based on Harder, D. (2012, February 13). Gaming on the job. Canadian HR Reporter, pp. 16, 17. Reprinted by permission of Canadian HR Reporter.  Copyright Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd., (2012), Toronto, Ontario, 1-800-387-5164. Web: www.hrreporter.com

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Unit 4 Assignment HRM635 Training, Development, and Evaluation
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