Unemployment Rate in the United States

America continues to have a high unemployment rate that causes many. Americans to move out of homes, while South Korea has the lowest unemployment rate. The U. S. has struggled with a continuous rise in employment rates since 2008. The main focus of the issue is creating jobs. America believed that creating jobs would be able to help the economy because people would be able to get jobs. So the government tried to add as many jobs they would be able to create. The government even created bills to help people find work so that they would not be unemployed. Although an abundant amount of citizens found jobs, it was not easy to lower the unemployment rate. Many American citizens are mental or disable and it is difficult for them to find a job that treats them equally. This is an issue out of many other troubles that are the reason for high unemployment in the United States. America needs to be able to help and support the creation of jobs because America has one of the highest unemployment rates. Unemployment is important in the US because people are forced to move out of homes.
The Great Recession has caused people to move to a lesser home instead of going to get a bigger house or for a high-paying job. Before the economy crashed, 41. 3% moved locally to own a home or settle in a better neighborhood. But during the recession only 30. 4% moved for those reasons. The percentage of people who moved to settle in a better neighborhood or moved locally to own a home was less than half the population. But the Great Recession caused an 8. 7% difference between the people who moved for their benefit. Roderick Harrison, a demographer at Howard University in Washington D.C. said it is going to be a year before African-Americans return to their pre-recession trajectory. He said this because unemployment and foreclosure rates are higher among blacks than whites. The different unemployment rates vary by ethnic group, which makes one ethnic group get jobs because of an abundant amount of people are trying to get work. During the 2007-09 recession, 9% of Americans (which is about 4 million) and more moved to cheaper housing or doubled up with family and friends according to a 2013 analysis.
The US fails to address the unemployment issue because while they try to cut government spending, jobs are cut too. Between 2008 and 2009, there a sharp rise in the unemployment rates, 8,924,000 to 14,265,000. The government has cut 719,000 jobs since President Barack Obama took office, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. During Obama’s office during 2008, there was a sharp rise in the unemployment rates from 5. 8% to 10. 2% during the years 2008 to 2013. There are job losses even though the goal for the government was to create them. The unemployment rate hits 10. 2% which is the highest in 26 years and reaching double digits for the first time in 26 years. The sharp rise in unemployment caused to lose 190,000 net jobs which intensified pressure on the Obama administration to show results from the $787 billion package of spending unleashed early this year to spur the economy. South Korea is able to do a better job than America because South Korea uses a system called “chaebol” that was able to help South Korea during the global financial crisis and help people with disabilities. For people with disabilities have less minimum wage, even though America’s policy for employment said it would give a “special” employment wage.

South Korea on the other hand gives many benefits for people with disabilities. South Korea has a system called Chaebol (jaebol in Korean) which is a cluster of many companies around one parent company. The companies usually hold shares in each other and are often run by one family. The system was able to help South Korea during the global financial crisis and recovered faster than any other rich country. South Korea laid great store by education and hard work and South Korea meets above the standard rankings in Math and science; while America is below average. America is ranked 17 in the developed world of education. While South Korea tops the list of the top 40 education countries. South Korea does not have a high rate of birth like America which allows South Korea not to create many schools like America. South Korea spends about $1,000 dollars per student while the US spends about $5,000 per student. South Korea is considered a country where they spend a small amount of money but have high achievements with other countries such as Hong Kong. America on the other hand is a high spender but has low achievements.
South Korea is able to do well because of three reasons, one is that they have a better education system, two are hard workers, and three they use the chaebol system. South Korea believes that teachers should have great respect among their students. This is one example that America should do because a respected teacher helps ensure a good education. The US must create better education, reword the employment policy to be able to help people that have disabilities, and help lower the crime rates. America needs to put 2,220 hours of work a year because that’s how South Koreans lay great store by education and hard work. South Korea develop types of occupations suitable for their employment, expand opportunities for vocational skills development, provide employment information, and take other necessary measures for the aged, the disabled, and etc. But America only gives special minimum wages for disabled people; the thing is that many people who are disabled are not getting jobs. It is said that South Korea has a low crime rate, which means that many people have jobs or an education.
But America has a high crime rate which means many people did not get the proper education or could not get a job. It is said that having high unemployment could increase crime motivation, and most cases have similar patterns such as burglary, larceny, and motor theft. South Korea has a low crime rate, and most cases usually assault. There are rare cases that involve burglary and theft. So America needs to give better education in order for employment rates to go high and crime rates down. South Korea does not need to worry so much in the police department because of not too many crimes that involve burglary and motor theft. South Korea can use statistics that show since they have a very good education system, committing a crime is the least of their worries. On the other hand, America knows it needs to step it up to decrease the unemployment rate. In order for that to happen, America needs to have a better education so that it can ensure that people will have jobs or even create because they have the education they need.
Change is possible but America would really need to take a big leap in education but also towards creating jobs. But creating jobs might not be that helpful because even though America adds more jobs, it does not lower the employment rate by a high margin. In July 2012, Labor Department statistics show the US economy added 80,000 jobs, a figure below economists’ modest expectations of 90,000 jobs and the fourth in a row of underperforming employment growth. The issue is America is already falling behind employment rates compared to other countries. The unemployment rate is decreasing very slowly but it will not be enough to take the economy back on track. Education plays a big role considering how people will get jobs. South Korea has one of the top education systems which may guarantee a job in the future. America will need to increase its education system in order to improve children’s futures for the better of America. From the continuing pattern of issues for American citizens, they are forced to cope with the struggles of getting a job and receive little help from the government. During the past 5 years, the unemployment rate went up which affected the citizens. When the government created more jobs, the amount of work produced was below what the economists expected. America needs to improve its education so that it may improve the chance for people to get jobs. South Korea was able to be recognized by the world because of its great education system and its low unemployment rate. America needs to realize that they need to stop with the rising unemployment and start giving the citizens the jobs in order to take America towards a greater future.

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