U.S. Government Discussion board Question

 I need a discussion board assignment on same-sex marriage and the questions below must be answered in a three paragraph discussion

The Supreme court, in its 2015 ruling,  made same sex marriage legal in all 50 states under the controversial decision Obergefell v. Hodges.  Granted that no court case remains permanent, should the Supreme Court re-consider the ruling in light of opposition from some states, mostly in the South and Midwest? 
Is the decision regarding same-sex marriage  the prerogative of the state governments or the national government?
Is same-sex marriage an equal rights issue? Should the national government let states handle its legality or should the national government be in charge of it?
Why should there be a ban on same sex-marriage? Should the Supreme Court overturn Obergeffell V. Hodges (2015)?
Why should we legalize same-sex marriage if some countries have continued to ban it?
Is same-sex marriage really a constitutional issue? Why or why not?
Should this issue be politicized, why or why not?

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