In this assignment you will plan an outbound trip to a foreign destination of your choice.
Select a CATEGORY OF FOREIGN TRAVEL for your trip. These categories are offered:
Heritage and Cultural Tourism
1. Museums, art or music
2. History, battlefields or religion
3. Study – attend college for a semester or year abroad, perform research
Entertainment, Sports and Recreation Tourism
4. Hostelling, B&B or backpacking
5. Hotels or guided tours
6. Sun, sand or surf
Environmental Tourism
7. Natural areas : Ecotourism, Adventure Tourism
8. Volunteering short stay (2 +/- weeks) or long-stay (2 +/- years)
Then prepare a short presentation about the country and your trip:
What organizations are involved in your destination and internatioanally in the area of tourism you picked? How can you prepare for your trip? What does the State Department say regarding travel advisories in that country? What can you expect? What do you need to know in terms of cultural do’s, taboos or differences?  How will you get around? Where will you stay? Find at least 2 articles for your project, 2 books, and interview one person in the country, or someone who has traveled there. 

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