Tuesdays with Morrie Book review

Memoir is an Inspirational memoir, by Mitch Album. It is a well- written novel which is mainly concerned with the rejection of the popular culture. If you enjoy nonfiction. And life-lesson giving themes, then you should read this book. Album included himself into the story as Mitch, Morris’s old student. The novel is expressed from Album’s own point of view of his character In the novel. This has many influences on the novel, and is more controllable for him. Eve chosen this novel due to the fact that I read it for summer reading, and this novel really gave me arioso thoughts and tons of inspiration, Album frequently used symbolism throughout his novel. Album uses a pink hibiscus life representing Morris’s life. Since the first day, the plant’s life started fading and so did Morris’s. Memoir stated throughout the book “when you’re in bed you’re dead,” (131) so he always preferred to stay in his chair. When Morris’s last days come closer he decides to stay in his bed due to Immobility and other ALLS causes.
Memoir eventually lived his last day on his bed on the Last Tuesday. Another example of symbolism used by Album is the media. The media was referred to as an evil dictator throughout the book. It also caused Match’s state of mind before he met Memoir; Mitch was so much of a workaholic that the only thing on his mind was the money. The novel is basically emphasizing that the society. Media, and pop-culture do not contribute anything to the people. The novel had a very sentimental meaning to Album.
Album, who is “Mitch” in the novel, visits his old professor Memoir, who suffers from ALLS (Metamorphic Lateral Sclerosis). They meet every Tuesday as his disease starts and continues to progress. Album, as I mentioned earlier, included himself as a character in his novel with his first name, Mitch. Memoir was Match’s old sociology professor at his time In college. Mitch just supported and helped Memoir with everything and anything. Morris’s goal was to make Mitch cry and inspire him at some point, which he eventually did.

Memoir wanted to attach Mitch to the world again, due to Match’s detachment blaming it to society. Mitch and Memoir were both my favorite characters, there Is no In-between. They both inspired me in some type of way. The antagonist was the ALLS disease, which in real life Memoir had to go through. I have participated In a camp experience located in Counterpoint, Texas. At this amazing place, kids/adults of all ages and sizes come and go. This Is the place where they have the mum of their lives, not a drop of sadness is present.
I took care of an 8-year old who suffered from Ret Syndrome. I was her companion for a week and my life changed the instant I met her. I do not and will not ever take anything in life for granted. This book has now become #1 on my list of favorites. My favorite scene was every single Tuesday. Mitch and Memoir always had did something that lights up every reader. There are no least favorite parts in this memoir, I admire Album. I would totally recommend this book to anyone who asks me a recommendation.
Any type of person would like his book, no matter the genre the reader personally reads. Album basically wrote what I feel, and how I changed after my experience. I t Off change my perspective, he can change anyone’s. Album couldn’t have done better when writing this momentous material. Memoir has changed many hearts, and has inspired numerous amounts of people. Society today is best described in the book, as evil. Mitch and Memoir are my inspiration, and I hope they continue to grow more love under everyone’s hearts’.

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Tuesdays with Morrie Book review
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