Truth About Damned Lies and Statistics,” by Joel Best

I need a minimum 2 page essay (single-spaced 1.0, with 1″ margins). Read the short article “Telling the Truth About Damned Lies and Statistics,” by Joel Best, online here: Write the essay on the following theme: “Critical Reasoning and Statistics.” Relate what Best has to say here with the four aspects of the attitude of critical reasoning mentioned in the syllabus for this class. Then answer and discuss these two questions: What are the ways of thinking that lead people to be uncritical in relation to statistics? Why is adopting a critical attitude important according to Joel Best? Make reference in your essay to specific concepts we discussed this term. Make reference to specific parts of the article by citation in brackets, (Best, paragraph 10), but do not include any quotations of more than two lines in your essay. Please write this essay in your own words. Thank you very much!

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