True or False 1.__________ Even though he is a Consequentialist

Name ________________________________True or False1.__________ Even though he is a Consequentialist, Mill rejects the belief that the onlylegitimate means by which an act can be morally evaluated is by observing the actualconsequences that result from the act.2. __________ According to Mill, the Principle of Utility may be used to mathematicallycalculate the morality of actions.3. __________ As a Utilitarian, Mill argues that one should do only those acts that tend topromote the greatest happiness for the most people.4. __________ According to Mill, all willful human actions are goal oriented.5. __________ Mill says that there are often cases in which moral goodness is measuredaccording to a standard other than happiness.6. __________ Mill believes that selfishness is consistent with Utilitarian morality.7. __________ According to Mill, the morality of an act rests entirely on the “motive” of theperson doing it.8. __________ Mill’s definition of happiness does not allow for a quiet and solitary life.9. __________ According to Mill, it is always possible for Utilitarian “rules of conduct” to haveexceptions.10. _________ According to Mill, it is not possible for a Utilitarian “rule of conduct” to belearned independently of experience.11. _________ According to Mill, it is never permissible to tell a lie.12. _________ Mill claims that the obligations entailed by Utilitarian morality extend to allsentient beings, even if they are not rational.13. _________ According to Mill, obeying one’s conscience tends to promote the greatesthappiness for the most people.14. _________ Mill claims that, under some circumstances, it can be morally permissible todeprive someone of their legal rights.15. _________ According to Mill, the concept of Justice is only meaningful insofar as it issubject to the Principle of Utility.16. _________ Mill claims some people should be required to non-voluntarily forfeit their ownhappiness.17. _________ According to Jerry Mander, the “pro-technology paradigm” is a reasonableperspective from which to assess new forms of technology.18. _________ Jerry Mander claims that technology is neither good nor bad, it is the way inwhich it gets used that steers societies in desirable or undesirable directions.19. _________ Jerry Mander believes that technology has helped solve many importantproblems in modern societies.20. _________ According to Jerry Mander, modern technology allows us more leisure time thanpeople in pre-technological societies.Extra Credit: (5 points) _________ According to Mill, compassion is morally better than greed.

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