Trigonometry-Unit 4. Assignment 1. Build Your Own Function

College Mathematics I.U4.GA1.Build Your Own FunctionUnit 4. Assignment 1. Build Your Own FunctionName: _______________________________________________Learning Objectives and OutcomesGraph equations using the point plotting method.Given a relation, equation, or function, define the domain and range.Use the definition of a function to determine if an equation is a function.Identify function notation.Evaluate functions, given values for the defined variables.Use the vertical line test to identify functions.Determine the specified characteristic of a graph.Assignment RequirementsInstructions:For this activity, you will create a function that has at least two x-intercepts.1. Write the function, then graph it.________________________________________________________College Mathematics I.U4.GA1.Build Your Own Function2. Record the x- and y- intercepts:________________________________________________________3. Use the vertical line test to demonstrate that the equation is a function.4. Write below whether the function is odd, even, or neither. Provide your reason(s).5. Write the range and domain of the function in interval notation.6. Define any intervals for which the function is increasing, decreasing, and constant. Useinterval notation.Required ResourcesNotes and worksheets from classScientific calculatorSubmission RequirementsSubmit your written answers to your instructor at the beginning of Week 5. Show your work.College Mathematics I.U5.GA1.Comparing Cell Phone PlansUnit 5 Assignment 1: Comparing Cell Phone PlansNAME: ____________________________________Learning Objectives and OutcomesGraph a linear function.Calculate the slope of a line as specified by a linear function.Assignment RequirementsMost cell phone carriers offer package deals in which they charge a set monthly fee and provide for afree number of anytime minutes every month. Once the anytime minutes are used up, then theycharge a set rate for overage minutes. For this activity, assume you typically will use 575 minutes permonth.1. Research the price of cell phone plans for two different carriers. For each carrier, get pricesfor two different plans that are close to this assumed usage.2. Create a relationship for each plan (an equation) where represents the monthly phone billand where x represents the minutes used beyond the free anytime minutes. Remember toinclude the standard monthly fee in your function. Note: Give each plan a different functionalname,, , to distinguish them from each other.3. Graph each relationship on the following graph. The x-axis will represent total minutes used,and the y-axis the total monthly cost. Note that the cost will be a horizontal line until you gobeyond the free minutes.4. Label each plan on the graph to match the names denoted in Step 2.5. Which plan is the best one for you? Base your decision on the assumed usage.Required ResourcesInternetNotes from classSubmission RequirementsSubmit your written answers to your instructor at the beginning of Week 6. Include references to thecell phone provider plans.

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