Trigonometry- Show all your work when solving the following problems

Show all your work when solving the following problems:1. Use an identity to find the value of the expression:2.Express the exact value as a single fraction:A telephone pole is 60 feet tall. A guy wire 75 feet long is attached from the ground tothe top of the pole. Find the angle between the wire and the pole to the nearest degree.3.Use Graphmatica or a web applet to graph each function and then copy-and-paste the images toyour assignment for the following problem:Determine the amplitude, period and phase shift of each function. Then graph one period ofthe function:1.2.3. Use a vertical shift to graph one period of the function:Show all your work when solving the following problems:1. Find the exact value of the expression:2. Use a righttriangle to write the expression as an algebraic expression. Assume that x is positive and thatthe given inverse trigonometric function is defined for the expression in x:3.4. Solve on the interval 0,2:Solve each triangle. Round lengths of sides to the nearest tenth and angle measurements tothe nearest degree1. A= 42º, B=?, C=96º, a=?, b=?, c=122. A=85º, B=35º, c=30Use Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 or another graphing utility (such as the sharewareGraphmatica 2.0) to create your polar and rectangular system graphs, and other work asneeded.Convert each rectangular equation to a polar equation that expresses r in terms of 0:1.2.Convert each polar equation to a rectangular equation. Then use a rectangular coordinatesystem to graph the rectangular equation:1.2.

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