Trigonometry- MA1310: Week 3 Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functions

5. Given the function y= 3 sin 2pie xa. Find the amplitude.b. Find the periodMA1310: Week 3 Graphs of Sine and Cosine FunctionsThis lab requires you to:•Use the definitions of trigonometric functions of any angle.•Use the signs of the trigonometric functions.•Find reference angles.•Use reference angles to evaluate trigonometric functions.Trigonometric functions are used to model data and a variety of physicalphenomena such as astronomy, surveying, highway design, GPS, and aerialphotography. Click here to refer to the basics of trigonometry and answer thefollowing questions to complete this lab:1. Find the exact value of:a. sin 300°b. tan (405°) (Hint: 405° = 360° + 45°)c. cot ((Hint:)2. If sin θ < 0 and tan θ < 0, then in which quadrant does θ lie?3. Find the exact value of sin θ, if cos θ =and θ lies in quadrant IV.4. Define the following for a sinusoidal graph in general.a. Amplitudeb. Periodc. Phase Shift5. Given the function y = 3 sin 2 πxa. Find the amplitude.b. Find the period.c. Identify the correct graph from the following choices:Page 1MA1310: Week 3 Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functionsi.y531-1x-3-5ii.y531-1x-3-5Page 2MA1310: Week 3 Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functionsiii.y531-2x-3-56. Determine the amplitude, period, and phase shift of y = −2 cos( πx − 3) .Submission Requirements: Answer all the questions included in the lab. You cansubmit your answers in a Microsoft Word document, or write your answers on paperand then scan and submit the paper. Name the file asInitialName_LastName_Lab3.1_Date.Evaluation Criteria:•Did you show the steps to solve each problem?•Did you write thorough explanations for the short-answer questions?•Did you accurately choose a problem that fits the criteria of each rule?•Were the answers submitted in an organized fashion that was legible and easy tofollow?•Were the answers correct?Page 3

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