Trends in Employee Retirement and Benefits

After reviewing the EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey and the BLS Employee Benefits Survey pages reports in this learning module, consider the following questions:

What are workers’ expectations for retirement? Have these changed over time, and why or why not?
Which trends in industries, geographies, plan characteristics, etc. did you find noteworthy?
How are employers managing the rapidly increasing costs of health care benefits?

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Trends in Employee Retirement and Benefits
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Write an APA-style paper that addresses these questions. Your paper should be framed as a formal paper, not a Q&A, so you should write it without listing or referring to the question from the assignment. (It should look like a research article about the subject matter, not a response to a class exercise.)
Use in-text citations to show where you are applying or discussing content from your textbook, these reports, or other course materials. In addition, use content from at least one external scholarly source, and be sure to cite where you are applying or discussing content from these sources as well. End your paper with a References list that gives the full details about the sources. In-text citations and References should be formatted according to APA standards.


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