Transitions and Disruptions

Initial Post: For this discussion, be sure to include the following:

1. Watch the video, Front Loading for English Language Learners (Links to an external site.). Imagine that after this interactive book reading, you need to transition your students into center-time. 
2. Describe the strategies you will utilize to transition from the interactive book reading (done in the video) to centers. 

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Transitions and Disruptions
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What are at least three things you will need to take into consideration (i.e. behavioral concerns, classroom environment, children with special needs, etc,)? 
What strategies will you use to ensure you have the children’s attention? 
How will you incorporate movement into your transition plan?

3. Discuss some behavioral challenges or disruptions that might occur during transitions and your plan for dealing with those challenges. 
4. What strategies will you utilize to effectively manage these challenges? 

In what ways do your strategies support the notion of developmentally appropriate practice and the developmental needs of all children? 
Support this portion of your plan with your text or one scholarly resource.


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