Training & Development

Developing a Training Lesson Plan
This assignment is a component of your course project to create an employee training and development program for a selected topic. In prior units, you selected a general training topic, developed specific learning objectives, and recommended a training method for your program. You will now develop an outline for this program, in the form of a lesson plan.
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies:

Demonstrate effective training program design, development, and implementation.
Assess the impact of technology on an organization’s training strategy.

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Training & Development
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A lesson plan is essentially an outline of the training program. It should include time for active practice, so that trainees can practice what they are learning. A lesson plan should also incorporate time for feedback, so that instructors can inform the trainees on how well they performed. It will often also include details such as the following:

Descriptions of each learning activity (such as, “Watch video on Excel”).
The names of trainers (if there are multiple trainers).
Methods of training.
Descriptions of materials needed (such as a video or a practice document to be distributed).
Time spent on each learning activity (for example, “Video = 20 minutes”).
Learning objectives for each activity (if appropriate).
Learning points for each activity.

Table 8-2, “Components of Instructional Strategy,” from page 280 in your Blanchard and Thacker Effective Training text, presents a sample lesson plan.
Assignment Instructions
In the Unit 5 project study, you wrote a summary in which you recommended a training method for each of the learning objectives that you have identified for your training program. Based on your choices for each learning objective, you determined what training method you will use for the training program overall.
For this assignment, develop your Unit 5 summary into a lesson plan for your proposed training program. Use Table 8-2, “Components of Instructional Strategy” from your text as a guide for developing the lesson plan. Include the following in your lesson plan:

Develop a timeline for your training program.
List each learning objective.
Identify the training method you recommend for each objective.
Identify your training activities and link them to the learning objectives.
Describe the method of training you selected for your training topic overall.
Describe how practice and feedback are incorporated in your lesson plan to measure the transfer of learning.

Write a rationale for your lesson plan, including the following:

Describe the two potential training methods you considered for each of your learning objectives. 
Explain why you chose these training methods and analyze the pros and cons of each method.
Articulate the effectiveness of each training method on a trainee’s motivation to learn.
Explain why you recommend the training method you chose for your training program overall.

Assignment Requirements


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